Essential Groove - Cover Band Melbourne | Wedding Entertainment

'There is two kinds of music, the good and bad. I play the good kind'

Louis Armstrong



Just like the great Louis Armstrong, we play the good kind of music. All of us enjoy listening and playing many different styles of music, which is why are so adaptable. We practise and play together as much as possible, its like a close family. We are not a 'franchise type' band that have just met on the night. We do have doubles though incase a band member can't make an event. 


Here are the crew that make up Essential Groove. 

Maya Weiss - Singer

Maya is a bright professional singer. She has just produced her first solo single which is available to purchase on iTunes.  In 2013 she was picked to be apart of Team Joel on The Voice. This experience helped her gain valuable knowledge in the music industry.

She has been performing since the age of 11 at various types of venues, including bars, cafes, functions and clubs. She has had 7 years of singing training in performing and musicality. She has worked with many different musicians that has helped her have a strong ear for music and easy going way of performing and interacting with a crowd.

Louise Lancuba - Singer

More info to come soon...

Jason Liacos - Guitar & Bv's

Jason is one of Melbourne’s most versatile guitar players. As comfortable in jazz and flamenco styles through to rock and blues, his real love is for funk and gospel. 

Jason studied with legendary session guitarist Jim Kelly and has performed on stages throughout the USA, Canada, and Asia and across Australia. He is constantly being sought after for sessions and recordings. He also adds some great harmonies to our sound. Watch Jason blow you away with his funky tones and incredible guitar solos.


Dwayne Martin - Drums, Bv's, Sound & Lighting

Dwayne began hitting drums from the age of 4 and hasn’t stopped since. Playing in Bands since he was 10 has given him incredible dynamics and the ability to read what people want to hear. He also looks after all of our sound and lighting, making sure you see and hear the full effect of our music.

He has toured around Australia and had some of the nations best drummers as his teachers/mentors. With grooves and beats that will make you want to dance, Dwayne will definitely make sure everyone has a good night.

Craig Strain - Bass & Sound

Craig first picked up the bass at the age of 14 and after a taste of the musician's life, decided to study at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland where he was awarded a BA Hons in Applied Music. Craig has also spent many years as a recording engineer and producing albums in the studio.

Since then he has been fortunate enough to travel throughout Europe, Northern American and now Australia laying down solid bass lines that will make you want to move your feet.


Shane Andison - Bass

More info to come soon...